4th!!! معا للمرة الرابعة

i’m just come back from another four new magic days spent with Sina and I want to dedicate this post to her.

She are special, thanks to her I discovered that there are differences that divide and differences that unite so deep.

She and I are very different, but this makes our "combination" magic and unique. thank ypou for all, thank you for your smile, your words, your emotions and and to make the stars more than just lights in the night

Immagine 053

thaks to: cockroachio and the bastards insects in the world, ai ai ai, the Sun, the fish, your green salad, rayban Sunglasses, our tent, the car, Pearl jam, cappucciono e caffè, the stars, the milkyway, Eraclea, the 4 falling stars, anderelé 😛

Immagine 080
Immagine 035

 this is a declaration, thank you for all my sweetest friend! من قلبي ، ونراكم قريبا



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